Professional Curriculum Vitae of Acad. Vodenicharov

Name, surname and family name: Stefan Borisov Vodenicharov

Date and place of birth: 1 September 1944, Sofia

Education, scientific degrees and titles:

1968   Mechanical engineer – Technical university, Sofia
1974   PhD – Methods of inspection and testing of materials, products and devices
1989   Associate Professor



  Doctor of Technical Sciences – Materials science and technology of mechanical engineering materials
1991   Professor
2004   Corresponding member of BAS
2012   Full member of BAS

Present position: 

  • President of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
  • Deputy-Director and Head of scientific section „Technologies and protection systems” at the Academician Angel Balevski Institute of Metal Science, Equipment and Technologies with Center for Hydro- and Aerodynamics at BAS (IMSET CHA)

Areas of scientific interests:

  • Materials science and technology of mechanical engineering materials;
  • Methods of inspection and testing of materials, products and devices;
  • Technologies, machines and systems for treatment of materials by plastic deformation;
  • Mechanics of destruction of the solid.

Scientific publications:

  • Monographs - 2;
  • Scientific publications in Bulgarian and foreign magazines - 146;
  • Scientific reports presented at forums in the country and abroad - 103.

Reviewing activity: 38 reviews for awarding of scientific degrees and titles, of monographs and scientific projects altogether.

Supervised successful PhD students: 13.

Participation in organizational, scientific and program committees of international scientific forums abroad and in the country:

  • Co-director of 2 working meetings of NATO on advanced research studies
  • Chairman of the Organizational committees and host of 9 international conferences;
  • Member of organizational and program committees and Section Head of 36 scientific forums abroad and in Bulgaria.

Project leadership:  215 altogether worth over 30 million BGN out of which:

International contracts (84 altogether):

  • International scientific projects:
    • §12 within European Union programs;
    • §3 within NATO programs (IMSET CHA is coordinator of 2 of them);
    • §3 within International Atomic Energy Agency programs.
    • Bilateral scientific projects - 13.
    • Contracts with governmental institutions and companies from abroad - 53.
  • Contracts with Bulgarian departments and business organizations (Ministry of Defence, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Education and Science, Nuclear Regulatory Agency, Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant and others), out of which 86 with nation-wide significance.

Applied research activities:

  • Patents and intellectual property certificates - 71;
  • Introducing of inventions into practice - 121 contracts;
  • Realization of new technologies - 87 contracts;
  • 49 new products, codified according to NATO system.

Expert activities:

  1. Participation in expert bodies in the country:
  • Council Science and Education at the Presidency of the Republic of Bulgaria
  • Commission for Nuclear Safety at the Nuclear Regulatory Agency;
  • Interdepartmental Council on problems of the military-industrial complex and mobilization readiness of the country at the Council of Ministers
  • 49 expert opinions prepared on request of state bodies and business organizations.
  1. Membership in international expert bodies:
  • Representative of Bulgaria in the work of  NATO Research and Technology Organization;
  • Participation in the work of NATO Industrial Advisory Group;
  • Member of R&T Commission, AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe;
  • Representative of Bulgaria in Land group 9 – NATO;
  • Evaluator within III and IV Framework programs of the EU;
  • Expert of the International Atomic Energy Agency;
  1. Participation in the management of other organizations:
  • Bulgarian Industrial Association - member of the Board;
  • Bulgarian Defence Industries Association – Co-Chairman. 

Membership in editorial boards of magazines:

  • "Journal of Materials Science and Technology" – Editor-in-chief;
  • „Наука” (Science) - Editor-in-chief;
  • “Materials Science and Technology” - UK;
  • “Strength of Materials” - Ukraine;
  • "Metallurgy and New Materials” - Romania;
  • "Инженерни науки” (Engineering sciences).

Membership in professional organizations:

  • ASM - American Society of Metallurgy;
  • AIAA - AmericanInstituteofAeronauticsand Astronautics;
  • ACS - American Chemical Society;
  • ASTM - American Society for Testing of Materials;
  • ASD - Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe.

Some more important awards:

  • Stara planina order – the highest state distinction;
  • Saint George honorary medal of I degree with swords of the Ministry of Defence – for merits to the defence of the country;
  • Marin Drinov Badge of Honour for significant merits to BAS;
  •  Certificate for inclusion in the Golden book of inventors of the Patent Office;
  • Cross of grand officer of the sovereign order of Malta;
  • Member of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts
  • Honorary citizen of Sofia;
  • „Doctor Honoris Causa” of Technical University - Varna;
  • Honorary title “Follower of National Enlightenment Leaders” of the Association of Community Centres
  • Badge of honor for leadership contribution to spirituality of the Stefan Stambolov Institute of theory and practice of leadership;
  • The big award of the Bulgarian Industrial Association for achieved results allowing the creation of a series of hi-tech products providing national security;
  • Honorary Certificate of the Association of the Bulgarian national revival towns with an Oborishte award;
  • Diploma of the Ministry of Defence for contribution to the defence of the country and in relation to an anniversary of the creation of engineering troops of the Bulgarian Army;
  • Plaquette of the Minister of Defence for merits to the strengthening and development of bilateral relations in the military area;
  • Honorary badge for merits as inventor at the Ministry of Economics
  • Jubilee Former Capital City Diploma for special merits and manifested patriotism.
  • Commander's Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland
  • Insignia and Honorary Certificate from the Technical University, Sofia