IBThe Bulgarian Academy of Sciences has launched the campaign "BAS Presents Its Institutes", which aims to show the activities of the institutes of the Academy. Among the objectives of this initiative is to draw the attention of young people to science and research, announced the President of BAS Acad. Julian Revalski at the opening.
In the Great Hall of the Academy of Sciences Assoc. Prof. Anna Ganeva, Prof. Boiko Georgiev and other scientists from the Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research talked about their important research, scientific and applied research projects and developments. This is the first institute which presented its work. The herbarium and the laboratory of plant biotechnology; the zoological collection; the laboratories of molecular ecology; and the laboratory block for the study of wetlands were all opened to visitors.

About the Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research:

The Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research at BAS (IBER-BAS) is the main research unit in Bulgaria in the field of theoretical and applied aspects of ecology, biodiversity, environmental protection and the sustainable use of biological resources.
IBER-BAS conducts research and prepares highly qualified specialists in the fields of botany, mycology, zoology, ecology, hydrobiology, parasitology, conservation biology, genetics of the environment, evolutionary biology and other related scientific fields, so as to provide scientific information and methodological assistance to state institutions and civil society structures and to represent our country in the European Research Area in its fields of competence.