The President of BAS Acad. Julian Revalski: Bulgaria has to build a reintegration policy to support scientists

DSC08451The President of BAS Acad. Julian Revalski participated in the first roundtable "Approaches and ways to attract the Bulgarian scientific diaspora to work in a network", which is part of the campaign of the Ministry of Education and Science "Bulgarian Faces in World Science". The event was opened by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education and Science Meglena Kuneva in "Sofia Tech Park" today, 19 December 2016.

I hope that Bulgaria, as per European example, would build its own reintegration policy that financially supports the scientists, said in his speech at the forum the President of BAS Acad. Julian Revalski. In Europe there already is such a policy and Bulgarian scientists can apply, he said. The most important things for scientists who want to return are first, the institutional environment and second, the financing, said Acad. Revalski and gave a concrete example from the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics - BAS. For four years eleven scientists from Western Europe and North America have returned, with only one receiving a reintegration grant.

The President of BAS Acad. Julian Revalski expressed confidence that there are many ways in which to maintain the natural link between scientists in Bulgaria and those abroad. Acad. Revalski determined as an invaluable reserve a whole generation of Bulgarian scientists who grew up and developed in Western Europe, the US or Canada. The relationship with them is of crucial importance, he said.

In his speech Acad. Revalski presented the founded for the celebration of the 145th anniversary of the Academy Club "BAS - Scientific Diaspora". It includes prominent Bulgarian scientists who have realized their potential in foreign universities and scientific organizations and have been working abroad for a long time. More about the club "BAS-Scientific Diaspora" can be seen at www.bas.bg - International Cooperation Section.

The focus of the campaign "Bulgarian Faces in World Science" is to promote cooperation with the Bulgarian scientific diaspora and establish links between young scientists based in Bulgaria and abroad.