High awards for Science "Marin Drinov" with ribbon

0226Acad. Julian Revalski and Corr. Member Stoil Stoilov were honored with the BAS award "Marin Drinov" with ribbon. The President of the Academy Acad. Stefan Vodenicharov gave them the honorary awards after the Assembly of Academicians and Corresponding Members of BAS (AACM). The ceremony was held on 25 March 2016 in the Great Hall of BAS.

Acad. Julian Revalski, who is the Director of the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, received the prestigious award for his significant contribution to raising the international prestige of Bulgarian mathematics and consolidating the Institute.

Corr. Member Stoil Stoilov was awarded with the prize "Marin Drinov" for contribution to the development of colloidal electrooptics and stability of dispersed systems.