BAS received a big donation for research in the field of Thracology

1PMOn 18 March 2016 in the Great Hall of BAS Peter Mandzhukov made a donation in the amount of 400 000 leva to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences to support research activities in the field of Thracology.

The donation was accepted with gratitude by the President of BAS Acad. Stefan Vodenicharov who handed Peter Mandzhukov the Honorary Sign of the President, a Diploma and a Certificate of Donation. Acad. Vodenicharov noted that philanthropy has been an embedded tradition since the creation of the Academy and during its long history patriotic Bulgarians have supported the research and the establishment of standards in science in Bulgaria. The President of BAS expressed confidence that research related to the origin of the Bulgarians and our relationship with the Thracians will contribute to the gathering of scientific evidence about the ancient and rich culture of our people and strengthen our national self-esteem and identity.

Peter Mandzhukov was pleasantly surprised by the ability to make his contribution among respected Bulgarian scientists and eminent Thracologists and wished success to the project "Thracians". It is the donator’s desire to see through this donation to cause other wealthy Bulgarians to respond with help to solve important problems for society and wished the BAS scientists good health, to realize their enormous scientific potential, creative harmony and achieve maximum scientific results.

The project "The Thracians- genesis and development of ethnic, cultural identities, interactions and civilizational heritage from antiquity" was presented by Corr. Member Svetlana Kuyumdzhieva. This is the first inter-academic project that unites 20 institutes and 5 laboratories of BAS, with the participation of universities and research centers from Canada, Italy, Germany, Japan and Switzerland. For the first time the Thracian heritage will be investigated thoroughly and in a complex way. The focus is on establishing the continuity in the gene pool, the origin of the Thracians, DNA analyzes using the most modern methods and tools; displaying the richness and elegance of preserved Thracian cultural heritage; genetic, botanical, linguistic, astronomical and acoustic research. The research done on the project will allow us to carry out a qualitative leap in our knowledge not only of the Thracians, but also of the genesis of the Bulgarian ethnic group, which will enrich not only Bulgarian, but also world culture.

The ceremony of the donation was attended by academicians, prominent scientists in the field of Thracology, directors, scientific secretaries and researchers from institutes of the Academy and the media.