Fifth Framework Programme for Research (FP5)


Participation of scientists from BAS in the Fifth Framework Programme for research and technological development OF the EUROPEAN UNION 1999 - 2002

Bulgaria received its first full access to the EU framework programmes by participating in the Fifth Framework Programme. BAS scientists presented scientific and technological projects on a modern high level and with European significance. During the first two years of participation in FP5, the membership fees were reimbursed under the programme, which for the most part it is a merit of BAS.

In the period March 1999 to December 2002 BAS scientists submitted 285 proposals for participation in the 8 thematic sub-programmes (LIFE "Quality of Life", IST "Information Society", GROWTH "Sustainable Growth", EESD "Energy and Environment "); 3 horizontal programmes (INCO2 "Strengthening the International Role of EU Research", SME's" Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Innovation", IMPROVING "Improving Human Research Potential); the parallel programme for nuclear research EURATOM and also under the JRC (United Research Centres of the EU). From the approved for funding from the EU total of 249 Bulgarian projects for the entire period, 116 of them were submitted by scientists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Participation of BAS in the Fifth Framework Programme:

Year     Submitted proposals          Approved BAS projects    
1990/2000        124 30 (From a total of 90 for Bulgaria)
2000/2001        194 44 (From a total of 126 for Bulgaria)
2001/March 2002        270 80 (From a total of 180 for Bulgaria
1999/2002 (information as per March 2003)        285 116 (From a total of 249 for Bulgaria)

Projects approved for funding from the EU under the different sub-programmes:

Quality of Life (LIFE)

10 projects

Information Society (IST)

12 projects

Sustainable Growth (GROWTH)

6 projects

Energy and Environment (EESD)

30 projects

Nuclear Energy (EURATOM)

6 projects

Strengthening the International Role of EU Research (INCO2)

13 projects
5 Conferences
8 R&D Networks

Innovation and SME (SMEs)

2 projects


24 projects
16 R&D Networks
6 Marie Curie fellowships
3 Conferences


3 projects

One of the most significant successes of BAS in the participation in the Fifth Framework Programme projects is the fact that 5 centres for high-end research (Centres of Excellence) out of 6 for Bulgaria have won projects. These are as follows:

  • IS, Varna - Centre for Sustainable Development and Management of the Black Sea region (CESUM-BS) - led by Senior Researcher Snezhana Moncheva;
  • CLPP - Centre "Bulgarian Information Society in 21st century" BIS-21, led by Prof. Ivan Dimov
  • IEES - Centre for Portable and Emergency Power Sources POEMES, headed by Prof. Zdravko Stoynov
  • CLSENES - Bulgarian Centre for Solar Energy BGCSE, headed by Prof. Petko Vitanov
  • INRNE - Centre for Alpine Monitoring HIMONTONET (the European network of mountain observatories), headed by Prof. Yordan Stamenov