Sixth Framework Programme for Research (FP6)

The participation of BAS in the Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) expanded progressively in the period of its operation (2002-2006). BAS scientists have submitted a total of 460 projects of which 132 were approved for financing (average success rate 28.7%).

The results of research and technological development projects funded by the European Commission under the various sub-programes of the FP6 are:

  • 652 scientific publications;
  • 32 transfers to manufacturing companies (10 in Bulgaria and 22 abroad in countries such as Germany, England, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Poland and others);
  • The registration of 11 patents.

In connection with the implementation of the projects, in various sections of BAS for the entire four-year period of operation of the programme, European subsidies in the amount of 11,801,364 EUR were attracted. In other words, nearly two thirds of the fee for participation in FP6 paid by Bulgaria (17.5 million EUR) was restored, thanks only to the successful participation of BAS in it.

The approved projects are allocated to priorities as follows:


Sixth priority "Sustainable development, ecosystems"        31
Second priority "Information Society"        22
Third priority "Nanotechnologies and new materials"        12
Seventh priority "Citizens and Society"        12
Human potential and mobility- Marie Curie activities        10
EURATOM        12
RC (Joint Research Centre of the EU)        12

One of the significant achievements associated with the participation of BAS in FP6 has been the winning of an additional five projects for "Centres of Excellence". Thus, together with the already existing centres in the Fifth FP, BAS has eight out of eleven for Bulgaria Centres of Excellence, united in the Association of Centres of Excellence at BAS, including: 

  • Centre for Sustainable Development and Management of the Black Sea region (CESUM-BS) - Institute of Oceanology in Varna, led by Senior Researcher Snezhana Moncheva (FP5);
  • Centre "Information Technology" (BIS-21 +), headed by Acad. Kiril Boyanov (FP6) – at the Institute for Parallel Processing (which continues the activities of the Centre "Bulgarian Information Society in the 21 century" (BIS-21), headed by Prof. Ivan Dimov (FP5);
  • Centre for Portable and Emergency Power Sources (POEMES) at the Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems, headed by Prof. Zdravko Stoynov (FP5);
  • Bulgarian Centre for Solar Energy (BGCSE) – at the Central Laboratory of Solar Energy and New Energy Sources, headed by Prof. Petko Vitanov (FP5);
  • Centre for Sustainable Environment (BEOBAL) – at the Institute for Nuclear Research and Nuclear Energy, headed by Corr. Member J. Stamenov (FP6) (which continues the activities of the Center for Alpine Monitoring (HIMONTONET) (FP5);
  • Centre "Strengthening Research and Technological Capacities in the Field of Nanostructured Thin Layers of Hard and Superhard Coatings" (RTCNANOHARD) – at the Institute of Applied Physics, Plovdiv, led by Senior Researcher Rumen KAKANAKOV (FP6);
  • Centre for Multifunctional Materials and New Processes for Environmental Purposes (MISSION) – at the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, headed by Prof. Konstantin Hadzhiivanov (FP6);
  • Centre "Nanostructures in Bulk and Surface Phases" (NANOPHEN) – at the Institute of Physical Chemistry, headed by Senior Researcher Elena MILEVA (FP6).