Research Assoc. Margarita Bakracheva, PhD, Institute of Psychology

       margi b  How had you chosen your profession?
I had always have preference to psychology. My interest was provoked both by the opportunities of applied psychology on the one hand and opportunities for fundamental scientific researches related to practice on the other hand. 
         What has influenced   your choice?
Only and solely my personal interests.

        When and how did you commence your employment at the Academy of Sciences?
After defense of the PhD thesis I was appointed as researcher and afterwards as research assoc. I had selected Bulgarian Academy of Sciences still when I applied for PhD training program right after graduation because my intention was to  work according to the most strict scientific criteria.  This was my personal choice based on the specificity of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences – research scientific centre  but not university, where main focus is on lecturing. 

         Which of your researches you appreciate highest?
Each research project is a step in my development and projects follow the logic of overbuilding and extension and thus they are inter-related, I simply can’t rank them.

         What does motivate you to work as scientist?
Currently solely the self-motivation and  satisfaction with scientific projects. The only external factor in support of this are my colleagues from the institute and the academic environment at the institute, which is rather stimulating.

         What are your current projects?
My current projects are focused on identity styles, resolution of psychosocial and developmental crises, national and European identity and mass mediarole in promotion of national and European values.