Bulgarian academy of science

Opening of a permanent exhibition on the invasive alien species

EEAGrants-JPGAt 2.00 pm on 26 January 2017, in the Leventis Hall of the National Museum of Natural History, Sofia (NMNHS) at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences a permanent exhibition devoted to the invasive alien species will be opened. Those species are considered as one of the greatest threats to biodiversity alongside climate change and habitat destruction.

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The National Fair in Koprivshtitsa has been entered in the Register of Best Safeguarding Practices of UNESCO

Понеделник, 16 Януари 2017

2015 - 1The year 2016 will be remembered by the specialists from IEFSEM - BAS with one of their biggest achievements in protecting cultural heritage on a global level. The National Fair of Bulgarian Folklore in Koprivshtitsa was entered in the Register of Best Safeguarding Practices for the Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO.
This happened during the eleventh session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), which took place on 1 December 2016. So, after the Bistritsa Grannies, fire-dancing, the tradition of weaving carpets from Chiprovtsi and the Surova Festival in Pernik, this is the fifth entry in the lists of intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO, prepared as an application by the specialists from IEFSEM - BAS.

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Събота, 14 Януари 2017

IBThe Bulgarian Academy of Sciences has launched the campaign "BAS Presents Its Institutes", which aims to show the activities of the institutes of the Academy. Among the objectives of this initiative is to draw the attention of young people to science and research, announced the President of BAS Acad. Julian Revalski at the opening.
In the Great Hall of the Academy of Sciences Assoc. Prof. Anna Ganeva, Prof. Boiko Georgiev and other scientists from the Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research talked about their important research, scientific and applied research projects and developments. This is the first institute which presented its work. The herbarium and the laboratory of plant biotechnology; the zoological collection; the laboratories of molecular ecology; and the laboratory block for the study of wetlands were all opened to visitors.

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Astronomical calendar 2017 of the Institute of Astronomy with National Astronomical Observatory

Понеделник, 16 Януари 2017
coritsa calendar_bigThe Astronomical calendar 2017 of the Institute of Astronomy with National Astronomical Observatory contains information about the various astronomical phenomena in 2017. It includes information about the Sun and the Moon; solar and lunar eclipses; the conditions of the visibility of the planets of the solar system and a few bright comets.
It also contains data on meteor showers, some asteroids, the brighter nebulae, star clusters and many other objects. Its content includes popular science articles on various astronomical topics.

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The General Assembly elected the new Vice Presidents of BAS

Вторник, 10 Януари 2017

bas new_logoAt a meeting of the 7th General Assembly of BAS held today, 9 January 2017, the new Vice Presidents and Scientific Secretary General of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences were elected.

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