1869, 26-30 September

The Bulgarian Learned Society (BLS) was founded in the house of Varvara Hadzhi Veleva in Braila, Romania. On 29th September the first Statutes of the BLS was accepted. The first officials elected were: 
 Board of Trustees:
Nikolai Tsenov – president
Vasilaki Mihailidi
Petraki Simov
Kostaki Popovich
Stefan Beron
 Acting members:
Marin Drinov (1838-1906) – chairman
Vasil Drumev (1840-1901) – member
Vasil D. Stoyanov (1839-1910) – secretary
 On 30th September all those who attended the Constituent Meeting took the oath.


First issue of the Periodical Journal, the official publication of BLS.


Election of the first honorary member of BLS - Gavril Krastevich (1820-1898).

1878, 25 - 28 October

Election of the first honorary member of BLS - Gavril Krastevich (1820-1898).


The Minister of National Education, Konstantin Jirecek, established a temporary administrative committee, which was to resume and administrate the Bulgarian Learned Society’s activities. President of BLS was Vasil D. Stoyanov. The Periodical Journal resumed publication.

1882, 7 June

The BLS approached the municipality of Sofia with the request for a site of a building of its own.

1884, 6 March

The Sofia city council administration provided the site for the Society's building.

1884, 7 August

The first General Assembly of BLS summoned after the Liberation accepted the new Statutes of the Society. A new structure and scientific organization of the Society were established. Three scientific branches - historical-philological, for natural and medical sciences and for social sciences were founded. Prof. Marin Drinov was elected president.In Art. 2 of the new Statutes it was stated that BLS was under the personal patronage of His Royal Highness the Bulgarian prince Alexander I.


The BLS organized a festive celebration of the Sts. Cyrill and Methodius Day.

1890, 5 October

The foundation stone of the new BLS building was laid. The building was finished on 1 March 1893.

1898, 30 May

The General Assembly of the BLS dismissed its administration and elected a new temporary administration.

1898, 25 October

The General Assembly of the BLS elected a permanent administration with Ivan E. Geshov as president.A partial change in the structure was agreed on and the physical and mathematical sciences were added to the branch of natural and medical sciences.

1899 – 1900<br>

On 14 November and 5 December the General Assembly of BLS discussed the new Statutes and accepted it. On 12 January 1900, the Minister of National Education approved the Statutes. The Statutes had been in force until 1911.


4The Ministry of National Education transferred the publishing of the Collection of Folklore, Science and Literature to BLS. It was reissued under a new name: Collection of Folklore and Ethnography.

1902, 14 October

The General Assembly of BLS made amendments to the Statutes.


16The BLS started issuing the Bulgarian Antiquities series.


The BLS president Ivan E. Geshov made a personal donation of 120 000 gold levs to the Society which covered its mortgage.

1911, 6 March

The BLS was transformed into the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS). Ivan E. Geshov became the first president of BAS.

1912, 1 February

The first Law of BAS was adopted.

1912, 7-9 May

At the beginning of 1913 the BAS officially joined the Academy to the Union of Slavonic Academies and Scientific Communities.


A Collection of BAS was first published.


A BAS Commission for studying the activities and inheritance of St. Kliment Ohridski was established.

1918, 9 June

First elections for new BAS members.


There was a conflict between BAS and the Ministry of National Education because of the spelling reform offered by the Minister S. Omarchevski.

1925, 25 May

The foundation stone of the new part of the building of BAS was laid.


Twenty-two academicians took a personal credit of three million levs from the National Bank in order that the new building should be finished.

1928, 24 June

The General Assembly met for the first time in the new building of BAS.

1929, 14 May

Festive Meeting of BAS on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Liberation of Bulgaria and 1000th Anniversary of Tzar Simeon I. The royal family attended the ceremony. The new building of BAS was officially inaugurated.


The BAS was accepted in the International Council of Scientific Unions (ICSU).

1934, 9-16 September

The Fourth International Archeological Congress was held in Sofia. It was decided that BAS scholars should head the international Commission for issuing the resources for the life and work of Sts. Cyrill and Methodius.

1938, 2 October

An Extraordinary Assembly proclaimed King Boris III honorary member of BAS.

1940, April

The National Assembly accepted a Law for Reorganization of BAS and renamed the academy Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Arts (BASA).

1940, 30 June

The General Assembly of BAS accepted the Statutes of BASA.


A conflict arose between the Prime Minister and President of BASA Bogdan Filov and the larger part of the academicians because of the amendment to the Law of BASA offered by B. Filov. This amendment provided that the scientific secretary of BASA should be appointed instead of elected.

1941, March

The National Assembly accepted the amended Law offered by Bogdan Filov. An article was included stating that the scientific secretary of BASA should be appointed by the Minister of National Education.

1944, January - March

A part of the BASA building was destroyed by shelling. The activities of BASA were temporarily suspended.

1944, November-December

A temporary Board of BASA was established with president D. Mihalchev.

1945, 14 January

An Extraordinary General Assembly met to elect new full and corresponding members of BASA.

1945, November

The General Assembly of BASA accepted a plan for the reorganization of the Academy, which provided that a number of new scientific institutes should be gradually founded. The first institutes of BAS were set up in 1946.

1947, 1 February

The National Assembly promulgated a new Law for BAS. The BASA was renamed to BAS. According to Art. 1 "BAS is the leading scientific institute in the country. It is a state organization … under the authority of the Council of Ministers ..." The Law came into force on 1st March of the same year.

1947, 27 - 28 February

The General Assembly accepted the new Statutes of BAS, which came into force on 1st March.

1947, 4 March

The General Assembly elected a new Executive Council of BAS headed by Todor Pavlov.

1949, 16 September

The Grand National Assembly accepted a new Law for BAS. According to Art. 1 of the Law "BAS is the highest state scientific organization in the country and is under the authority of the Council of Ministers". This Law rejected the branches and created a new structure with 7 sections. The Law provided that the administration of BAS should not be done on the base of statutes but through regulations. The period from September 1949 till April 1957 was the only period during which the Academy have not had statutes.

1957, 14 March

The National Assembly passed a Law for modification of the Law for BAS, which almost entirely rescinded the Law of 1949. According to the only paragraph "the issues of the structure, personnel and administrative bodies of BAS as well as the rest of all the organizational matters are to be arranged by the Statutes approved by the Council of Ministers and sanctioned with a Decree of the Presidium of the National Assembly".

1957, 30 March

With Decree No 141 of the Presidium of the National Assembly the new Statutes of BAS was confirmed.

1959, 11 December

On the basis of an Enactment of the Council of Ministers for the development of BAS the General Assembly of BAS accepted a resolution for a new structure of the Academy and for a considerable increase of the staff and equipment.

1961, September

A separate Agricultural Academy was founded.

1966, August

The first Congress on Balkan Studies organized by BAS was held. The General Director of UNESCO Rene Maheu took part in this Congress.

1969, 1 October

A Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of BAS.

1972, 21 December

The General Assembly of BAS accepted new Statutes of BAS. The Statutes was affirmed with a Decree of the State Council. For the first time it was stated that BAS "develops its activities according to the program and decisions of the Bulgarian Communist Party … ".


According to the new Statutes an integration of Sofia University and BAS was carried out. United Centers for Science and Education were established.

1977, 20 July

With Decree of the State Council of the People's Republic of Bulgaria, the BAS Statutes was altered and amended.


For the first time in the scientific units of BAS the General Assemblies of the Scientists held elections for Directors and Scientific Councils.


Preparation of a new Law of BAS.

1991, 2 November

The National Assembly accepted a Law of BAS. With the new Law and later on with the Statutes of BAS the Academy was transformed into a democratic and independent institution whose management is based upon the principle of the rights of election. The academic research units were given a high degree of autonomy.

1991, 18 November

According to the Art. 5 of the Law for BAS a new General Assembly was formed. It consisted of 200 senior scientists from the research units who were elected by the General Assemblies of the Scientists of the different academic research units.

1991, 9 – 16 December

The General Assembly elected a Temporary Board headed by Acad. Jordan Malinovski.

1992, 13 April – 29 June

The General Assembly accepted the new Statutes of BAS.

1992, 6 and 13 July

The General Assembly elected a Permanent Board of BAS headed by Acad. Jordan Malinovski.

1992, 14-20 July; 5-6 September

The General Assembly elected the Executive Council of BAS.

1992, 21 December - 1993, 5 April

Scientific Priorities and Structure of the Scientific Trends (A Conception for Restructuring of BAS) were accepted by the General Assembly of BAS.

1996, 12 March

The president of BAS Acad. Jordan Malinovski (1923-1996) passed away.

1996, 8 April

The General Assembly elected Corr. Mem. Ivan Juchnovski, (academician since 1997) president of BAS.

1996, July

The first issue of the "Information Bulletin of BAS" was published.


The Executive Council established a foundation called “Development of Science in Bulgaria”.
The Executive Council instituted the BAS honorary title of Doctor Honoris Causa.


A national programme called “The Rhodope Mountain – Sustainable Development” was established on the initiative of BAS.

1998, 9 December

Conference on the topic of “BAS and European Integration” at which Bulgaria’s participation in various European programmes was analysed with a view to the country’s equal opportunity membership in the “5th Framework Programme” of the EU Science Commission. This membership was endorsed in September 1999 by Decision ¹ 593 of the Council of Ministers concerning the adoption of the stipulations for the participation of Bulgaria in the EU programmes for scientific and technological co-operation and for research and education.


The Executive Council instituted the badge of honour “For Merits Rendered to BAS.”.
The General Assembly with an amendment to the Statutes of the Academy restored the title “Honorary Member of BAS”.

1999, 12 October

Celebration of the 130th anniversary of BAS accompanied by an impressive exhibition entitled “Science for Bulgaria”. A special exhibition dedicated to the history of BAS was organized at the headquarters of the Academy.

2000, April

The General Assembly elected Academician Ivan Juchnovski President of BAS.


A two stage competition for academicians (titular members) and corresponding members of the Academy was held. 35 academicians and 57 corresponding members have been elected out of 310 nominated eminent scientists, scholars and artists from all national research institutions and universities.

2004, 9 February-1 March

The General Assembly adopted “Strategic goals and functional priorities of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences until 2007”
The Fourth General Assembly of BAS elected in accordance with the Law and Statutes of BAS, started to operate.
The Officers of the Assembly were elected:
Professor Zdravko Stoinov, Chairman.
Academician Yanko Arsov and corr. member Radomir Radomirov, Vice-chairs.
The General Assembly elected Academician Ivan Juchnovski President of BAS.